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Luciane Alberto

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Luciane Alberto
Osteopath and Shiatsu therapist
+44 020 3146 7294
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Luciane is registered as an osteopath and physiotherapist in Brazil, and has vast experience with athletes and people of all ages, either in relation to physiotherapy or osteopathy. Luciane worked as supervisor and assistant professor at the Brazilian Institute of Osteopathy for two and a half years. Additionally she was a swimmer and triathlete for many years, including being a finalist at Iron Man Brazil in 2009.

In the UK Luciane works as an Osteopath, Shiatsu therapist and Massage therapist, combining the knowledge and experience acquired over the years to offer first class service. Having a global view of the human being, her objective is to achieve results by focusing on the cause of the problems that the patient presents.

“Working globally is the best way to resolve bodily imbalances of my patients.”

Luciane Alberto has been at Tower Hill Clinic since 2016, and has a degree in osteopathy at the London School of Osteopathy (LSO).

Specialty Osteopath and Shiatsu therapist
Degrees CNHC93
Training Experience with athletes and people of all ages
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday