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Monica Fioresi

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Monica Fioresi
Personal & Professional Coach
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Monica received her international certification from the International Academy of Coaching and through Abracoaching. She is also the creator of the “Minha Vida Ideal” or “My Ideal Life” program.

Born in Brazil with Italian heritage, she has lived outside of her home country for twelve years, four in Italy and the remaining in the capital of the UK, London. “Living abroad is a huge challenge, but you can overcome these challenges in objective and pleasing ways.”

Because of her passions revolving around action, change, entrepreneurship and human development, Monica studies Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Roehampton. “Endeavouring transforms dreams into reality. A new idea can change the lives of thousands of people.

Working as a Coach helps people who are looking for achievements, permanent change, excellence and equilibrium between their personal and professional life. Monica uses neurolinguistic programming in her treatments with her clients in order to change behaviours to enable the individual to reach their objects and goals.

“ I share and develop my knowledge by helping people to move on from an automised life to one with purpose. I love to learn new things every day in order to bring more value and knowledge to the people who follow my work and to my clients.”

“What I do comes naturally to me, and using my learnings to help people is very gratifying. Through the nature of my work, there is a true before and after in the area that you are looking to change, all you need to do is dedicate yourself to making it happen.”

Monica has been at Tower Hill Clinic since 2016, shortly after it’s opening. She has been able to enable change in many peoples lives and continues to do so.

Specialty Personal & Professional Coach
Degrees Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (International Neuro Linguistic Association)
Training Helps people who are looking for achievements, permanent change, excellence and equilibrium
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