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Nutritionist and Dietitian

Brazilian registration - CRN2 9993 
 UK registration - DT 28939
Nutricionist, dietitian and health coach

Alessandra Furlan Comin: About Us

Alessandra is a dietitian, who has a post graduate degree in clinical nutrition applied in aesthetics, as well as a degree in personalised clinical nutrition via the Institute of Research, Education and Health Management (iPGS).

She also has a degree in Coaching through the School of Professional Nutrition Coaching. Alessandra finished courses in: Sports nutrition, dietary supplementation, muscle gain, bio chemistry, weight loss, eating behaviour, women’s health, food allergies and intolerances, and more. Alessandra is also the author of the Manual for Nutrition assistance in Aesthetics, Editor at the iPGS and Member of the Educational Committee of the Brazilian Society of Nutrition in Aesthetics - SBNE.

“My objective is to promote health in all phases of life through a balanced diet, which can be light and enjoyable. My work is based on ethics, commitment and quality from a humanised point of view. My focus is on the change of habits and dietary behaviours, where reaching the desired results becomes the consequence of said change. I act in harmony with the Brazilian nutritionist ethics code, and my work is based on scientific knowledge and confidentiality.”

Specialisms include but are not limited to:

Health and well being Nutrition applied in aesthetics and to sport performance Weight loss and improving body composition Nutritional and health Coaching Dietary therapy treatment of health disorders such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Intestinal Diseases, Dietary allergies and intolerances, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and more

Alessandra works as a nutritionist, dietitian and health coach at Tower Hill Clinic since 2016. Through a personalised nutritional treatment, dedication, love of her work, she works with the promotion and recuperation of health, aesthetics and well being of her patients.

Alessandra Furlan Comin: Text
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