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Ludgera Romor-Henes, Physiotherapist



BSc (Hons) PG Dip HCPC PH100283 MCSP 091609
Specialisation in physiotherapy in dermatology / Post Graduate in advanced cardiorespiratory physiotherapy

Ludgera Romor-Henes: About Us

Ludgera has worked together with various famous plastic surgeons in Brazil, thereby refining her techniques in relation to pre and post operative rehabilitation within her 17 year professional career as a physiotherapist. In this time she has developed her own techniques with exclusive protocols in relation to post operative care for plastic surgeries.

In Brazil Ludgera attended to thousands of patients in many areas which include but are not limited to cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, physiotherapy in dermatology, neurology and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Additionally, Ludgera also has extensive experience in scar management and burns and plastics rehabilitation. In 2012 she made her move to London for new professional experiences. In the UK Ludgera has dedicated herself to cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, physiotherapy in dermatology and rehabilitation for patients with a variety of pathologies. 

Ludgera is unquestionably experienced and popular, having had over 20,000 treatments, and continues to search for professional development in order to offer the highest quality and modern treatments for her patients. Having an ethical and professional approach has and continues to be her priority, as well as having a humanised manner to remain close with her patients.

“I love what I do, and prioritise humanised treatments, uniting ethical attitudes with technical knowledge in order to offer the best for my patients. I believe this creates pleasant and relaxed physiotherapy treatments. I look to give practical examples, and use easy to understand analogies. This way, physiotherapy sessions become enjoyable, sometimes even fun!”

“In aesthetics I look to offer my patients natural results while leaving them at ease. This is possible using the best products and equipment found in the market today.”

Ludgera has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy in Brazil, a post graduate degree in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, a specialisation in physiotherapy in dermatology (aethetics) as well as numerous other courses in diverse areas in physiotherapy. She is registered in Brazil (Crefito), Italy (Ministero dela salute) and in the UK (HCPC). Additionally she is a member of the most valued physiotherapy society in the UK (CSP). Ludgera constantly undertakes more courses in various areas of physiotherapy for her own professional development.

After working in several clinics in London since arriving in 2012, Ludgera decided it was time to unite qualified professionals in one multidisciplinary and multicultural space. In 2016 Ludgera opened the doors to Tower Hill Clinic.

Ludgera Romor-Henes: Text
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