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Learning about brief psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional issues and mental health conditions related to the psyche and emotional health of the individual, couple or family, through a constructive and collaborative work based on the dialogue, in the therapeutic relationship established between the psychotherapist and their clients and the application of different techniques of psychology and psychopathology.

Unlike analytic psychotherapy, brief psychotherapy is directed to specific complaints, privileging a field to be treated, among many others in the individual. This technique allows the professional and the client to work together, focusing on the resolution or effectively manage of specific situations. Sessions are geared toward here-and-now aspects of the problem than on exploration of historical material. In this approach therapist is more active in sessions than is typically the case in traditional psychotherapy.

Although brief psychotherapy is characterized by a reduced time treatment when compared to the analytic psychotherapy, the number of sessions is variable and depends on each case.

Those who seek psychotherapy are not “crazy,” “weak,” or even “incapable.” Psychotherapy means taking care of all human beings.

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