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Multidisciplinary and multicultural clinic

Tower Hill Clinic was founded in May of 2016 by physiotherapist Ludgera Romor-Henes and is situated in the City of London. It was built on the idea creating a multidisciplinary and multicultural clinic with a focus on health and advanced aesthetic treatments. With a view to tailoring each treatment to the individual needs of patients, the clinic offers consultations, exams, and treatments in a variety of areas of healthcare.

Tower Hill Clinic is a healthcare centre where rehabilitation, aesthetics and well being are integrated in order to provide a comprehensive solution. The foundation of the clinic is made up of an extremely qualified multicultural team, who have years of clinical experience and place a high value on the patient’s personality, unifying their desires with reality.

Treatments that are offered at Tower Hill Clinic include but are not limited to: aesthetic medicine, body composition analysis, cosmeceuticals, hypopressive method, nutrition and weight loss, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and wellness. The clinic uses cutting-edge equipment in conjunction with diversified techniques applied by subject matter experts in each area.

At Tower Hill Clinic the patient will find everything needed to promote health, well being and quality of life while having the comfort of their language and culture as they were at home.

The Clinic: About Us
Ludgera Romor-Henes, Physiotherapist

Ludgera Romor-HenesFounder of Tower Hill Clinic - 2016

“ The clinic was born from the desire and necessity to combine comfort, convenience and intimacy of a domiciliary treatment with the structure of a clinic. In my 18 years of professional experience as a physiotherapist, I came to realise that a uniquely tailored treatment that was both personal can make the difference in the recovery, well being and quality of live for a patient. It is because of this that I am proud to offer a space in the centre of London where this is possible.”

The Clinic: Welcome
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