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Hair loss!

When it comes to hair loss, many women turn to generic multivitamin supplements. According to nutritionist Alessandra Furlan, this issue should not be treated simplistically, as abnormal hair loss can be associated with different causes, and the objective is to treat the cause not just the symptoms.

Hypothyroidism and other hormonal dysfunctions such as iron deficiency anemia, deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals, and very restrictive diets in the long term are common causes, in addition to several other factors that may be involved (surgeries, genetics, stress, excess chemicals, malabsorption of nutrients, eating disorders, diseases, etc.). To treat the problem “from the roots” it is essential to have a good nutritional and aesthetic evaluation.

"I have received many patients in the clinic after having COVID complaining of hair loss over the past few months, it may be a consequence of the disease itself or a fall due to the stress caused by it, there have not yet been enough scientific studies to prove this thesis", says dermatofunctional physiotherapist Ludgera Romor-Henes.

With a good evaluation, treatment at the clinic, topical products, the right nutrition and the use of specific supplements, hair loss tends to stop.

Some products that can help are quality hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin C, silicon, zinc, biotin and/or B complex vitamins. But remember that such products will not work if there is an underlying problem to be treated, and which can even make the situation worse if misused.

When in doubt, always seek professional help and reach out to us at Tower Hill Clinic and you will find an up-to-date multidisciplinary team that offers the most modern treatments for hair loss.

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